Select a major disaster (with over 100 casualties)


1.Select a major disaster (one with over 100 casualties) not already covered in the weekly discussions or assignments, such as the Titanic or Terror/Erebus. Finding a disaster meeting the 100 plus casualty criteria should not be difficult. There are over two hundred disasters in the USA each year and many more around the world.

2.Although there is no time limitation on your choice of disasters, resource materials for most disasters may be more readily accessible if the disaster occurred within the last hundred years. If you can find sufficient resource material, you may choose a disaster much older than the suggested hundred-year time frame.

3.Your paper should have the following sections:

 Title Page–in proper APA format.Abstract–in proper APA format. This is NOT your introduction.

 Introduction–a short summary of the disaster itself, including how many people died and how many were wounded, and a description of the level of destruction to the community. List main topic and sub-topics.

 Pre-disaster Conditions–What was the background or what were the circumstances that led up to the disaster you selected? What happened? What psychological, social, political, economic, environmental, technological, and behavioral issues may have contributed to the causes of the disaster?

 Post-disaster Conditions-How did the local, state, and federal or international resources respond to the disaster? What was done to resolve the disaster? How much did it cost? How long did recovery take? Was the recovery completed or is it still in progress?

 Psychological Responses to the Disaster-What were the psychological reactions of the victims or survivors of the disaster? In your review of your selected disaster, did you find any information regarding an effective crisis intervention program or a psychological first aid response to the disaster?Evaluation-What would be your recommendations for the management of future disasters similar to the one you studied for your paper?

 Conclusion – The conclusion should include a brief summary of the event and your major findings. Are there any applications from your study of the disaster you selected that you can apply to your own life experiences or work? Anything you would like to discuss regarding your chosen disaster that has not been addressed by the previous questions?

 References–in proper APA format.

4. The length of your paper should be between 2,500–3,000 words.

5. The document must be submitted in a Word document format, and may include graphics, drawings, or artwork that may be used to illustrate the disaster you selected.

6. Spelling, punctuation, and the proper use of English-language grammar do count and points are deducted where errors occur. APA style and documentation is required. Up to 10% (20points on the paper) will be deducted from your work in any assignment, message board, or paper where you should have properly cited and documented your source(s).You are limited to no more than 10% of the paper in the form of direct quotes from your sources.

7. You must research at least three (3) websites and two (2) peer-reviewed journal articles or scholarly resources that deal with your chosen topic. Look for websites that are academic or based on professional aspects of disaster management, disaster response, crisis intervention, traumatic stress, and Critical Incident Stress Management. Many websites on the Internet are not credible or reliable sources for college purposes. Wikis, blogs, and other sites that focus on the personal opinion of the website creator are not acceptable.

8. Late assignments are not acceptable without the specific permission of the course instructor.

9. The paper will be graded according to the published rubric.

10. Keep in mind that original, carefully organized, and creative work is valued in the assessment of a term paper.