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Jeff Chown and Mick Carter of Davie Brown Entertainment work

Get college assignment help at  Jeff Chown and Mick Carter of Davie Brown Entertainment work with brands such as AT&T, Gillette, Nokia, and Pizza Hut. They try to match these major brands with the world’s most popular celebrities and sports stars. They use a celebrity database index to look at consumer perceptions of celebrities and score them across a range of different attributes such as appeal, trust, awareness, aspiration, endorsement, influence, and whether they are seen as trendsetters. Perhaps one of the most important considerations is consumer awareness. If no one knows who the celebrity is, then it is irrelevant that they might have all of the other key attributes.

Chown and Carter also look at an attribute they call “breakthrough,” which is the ability of the celebrity to capture the attention of the consumer.163 If you were a marketer and looking for a celebrity for clients, what kind of attributes would you be looking for? Consider a celebrity for a bank and for an energy drink.


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