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Email Writing question – Business Communication

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Email Writing (6 points/question)

  1. You are employed by ABCD Limited as a full-time permanent employee. Your immediate supervisor is Kristine Williams and her email is

As a full-time permanent employee, you are entitled to claim for 10 days sick leave per year.  Your company has a policy that any employee who is absent for 2 or more consecutive days must provide a medical certificate to support any claim for sick leave.  The policy further extends to any absence on a Friday or Monday regardless of the number of consecutive days absence.  Any request for sick leave must be sent to the Manager of Human Resources.    It is also company policy that you advise immediately of any absences to your immediate supervisor.

It is Monday morning and you are unwell today and absent from work.  In order to request sick leave from your employer you must draft an email that follows the protocols as for leave of absences at ABCD Limited.  Use the following template to draft your email.

Your email should follow the MADE structure (Message, Action, Details, Evidence).






  1. A basic paragraph structure usually consists of five or more sentences: the topic sentence, three or more supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence. But the secrets to paragraph writing lay in four essential elements.

Organise these jumbled sentences into paragraphs by numbering them in the order they should follow:

To secure a booking, a deposit of $200 is required within seven days.
We look forward to hearing from you.
The cost of a two bedroom villa is $600 per week and a three bedroom is $800 per week.
Unfortunately you will not be able to bring your two dogs.
In addition to this rental cost, a cleaning fee of $150 is charged.
Thank you for your enquiry about a holiday booking for Golden Sands Villas from 22 January to 29 January.
The owners have a strict policy that does not allow any pets to be kept in their holiday premises.
We are pleased to tell you we have two and three bedroom villas available on the dates required.

Copy and paste the new paragraph construct into the box below.




Letter writing (6 points/question)


  1. What is the approach for writing a “good news” letter and why is it better to use this approach to convey good news rather than the one you might use to convey bad news?





  1. Assume that you are the marketing manager for Perennial Insurance. You have been unhappy with your long-time advertising agency and have been privately interviewing representatives of six other agencies. Perennial is trying to build up its customer base with younger clients, and is developing new products in health insurance, accident insurance, employment interruption insurance and computer equipment insurance.  After much deliberation, you and your colleagues have finally opted for KKL Limited, an energetic outfit that specialises in television advertising featuring computer-generated special effects.

Write to Magda Simmons, CEO of KKL Limited (address is 201 George Street, Georgeton NSW 2080) telling her of the good news of their being given a two-year contract to do all of Perennial’s advertising business.  The contract with your current advertising firm has only another four months to run and you want to get together with representatives of KKL Limited as soon as possible to start planning campaigns for the 12-month period starting on the completion of that four months.  KKL Limited use the full-block format for all correspondence.

Your letter must contain all of the elements of a letter and be checked for grammar and spelling errors.  As a “good news” letter your letter must follow the direct approach. 





  1. You are still marketing manager for Perennial Insurance. Write a “bad news” letter to Maxwell Smart, Managing Director of Buzz Limited, the agency that has handled Perennial’s advertising for the past seven years.  Their contract is up for review in four months and you are not going to renew it.

Your letter must contain all of the elements of a letter and be checked for grammar and spelling errors.  As a bad news letter your letter must follow the indirect approach.


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