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Determine if the main verbs used in the following sentences are transitive, intransitive or ditransitive.

Question Determine if the main verbs used in the following sentences are transitive, intransitive or ditransitive. 1. Last year, the government tabled a new motion to parliament about the right to information.2. I live at Tutu, Akuapem.3. You must show me genuine love.4. Without any evidence of criminality, the court cannot sentence him.5. I bought Charlotte a very beautiful car.1. Identify the type of each sentence (simple, compound, complex or compound-complex) of the following sentences selected from the passage below.a. But, if you do not figure us out, you probably might be miserable most days and nights of your life.Ans……………………………………………………………………………………………..b. The microphone was handed to me.Ans……………………………………………………………………………………………..c. By virtue of marriage, this woman bears the same surname as me.Ans……………………………………………………………………………………………..d. But if ever we do, just pack your bags and save yourself!Ans……………………………………………………………………………………………..e. Understanding women is a task that will last a man a lifetimeWhat is the homonym of the word below.Task.

The deadly COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the globe in many ways, even beyond people’s health and safety. Entire

The deadly COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the globe in many ways, even beyond people’s health and safety. Entire industries will be devastated for years to come, simply because they cannot survive when people stay home. In a synthesis paper, ARGUE whether or not your chosen future profession (please name the profession; don’t write things like “my chosen future profession”) can thrive even when most of the population is required to stay and work from home.

8 page occupational therapy affected by covid research Paper

In your synthesis paper, you were required to argue whether or not your future profession could thrive if the general population was asked to stay at home, such as in the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. What did you find out? What are the essential duties of the profession that were impacted when people could no longer safely be in each other’s physical presence? Did you find that there was a work-around that kept workers in that field going and even doing better than before, or did the industry falter or even collapse? For your long research paper, you are going to build on what you found in your research for the synthesis paper, and turn that into a longer paper. This assignment description will outline each step, their respective deadlines, and places where you need to submit each required element of your work. Must use school library for sources and information.

The following sentences are not concise. Based on the problem, rewrite the sentences to achieve conciseness.

EnglishQuestion The following sentences are not concise. Based on the problem, rewrite the sentences to achieve conciseness. 1. Problem : Sentence is too long. Original sentence : The point I am trying to make is sometimes public policy does not accomplish what it set out to achieve. Revised sentence : ________________________________________________________ 2. Problem : Sentence uses redundant or unnecessary words. Original sentence : For each and every problem, there will be an effective and practical solution. Revised sentence : ________________________________________________________ 3. Problem : Sentence uses jargon. Original sentence : The patient is being given positive pressure ventilatory support. Revised sentence : ________________________________________________________ 4. Problem : Sentence uses negatives. Original sentence : It is not impossible to practise Zero Waste lifestyle in the university. Revised sentence : ________________________________________________________ 5. Problem : Sentence uses weak verb. Original sentence : Before I start my presentation, let me tell you something about Himalayan Tigers. Revised sentence : ________________________________________________________Exercise 2Change the sentences below from passive to active. 1. Three distinct aspects of the distribution of power within societies such as economic, communal and authoritarian power were identified by German sociologist, Max Weber.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2. Employees were not expected to demand anything more than the salary, holidays, pension, and bonuses associated with their role. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3. Today, extraordinary quantities of greenhouse gases are being released into the atmosphere by one billion vehicles. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________4. Listeners and viewers are now seen by media owners as consumer of their commodities in much the same way as how customers are seen as consumers of their products by retail chains.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________5. Sweating and breathing deeply are the two examples of how energy is released by humans. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Article Analysis (Due before  21 Jun 2020 – 4:00 pm )  Article Analysis – Instructions Part of writing an effective analytical research

Article Analysis (Due before  21 Jun 2020 – 4:00 pm )  Article Analysis – Instructions Part of writing an effective analytical research paper involves using evidence directly from your primary texts (the literature itself) as well as the works of other critics and scholars (secondary texts). Therefore, you will need to be able to analyze these secondary works, and to accurately quote, paraphrase and summarize these outside sources in your own essays. This assignment helps build these research skills. In fact, the article you analyze here (and the literature on which it’s based) could even become part of your research paper topic in future weeks, if you choose. For this assignment, choose a critical article from one of the (Library Databases) that makes a clear argument about any one of the stories you’ve read for the class so far. The article you choose must provide more than basic biographical information and plot summary; it must make an opinionated argument about some aspect of the literary work. Your complete analysis should be at least 500 words in length. Library Database Link Below: Analysis In your analysis, you should clearly identify the author’s thesis and main points by SUMMARIZING the article. Your summary should be no more than 150 words. You should then provide a critique of these main points and EXPLAIN how this article’s argument is relevant or convincing to you (or not), and why. You should also include in this analysis a QUOTE and a PARAPHRASE from the article, with appropriate in-text citations. MLA Style Your paper must be formatted according to MLA format (this includes having a header, double spacing, etc.) All quotations, paraphrases and summaries MUST be cited using MLA format. You must include a (Reference works-cited page) at the end of your paper. For more information about MLA style, you should view the Purdue OWL’s pages on MLA: Mechanics, Grammar, and Punctuation All written assignments should be mechanically and grammatically correct with proper punctuation. For more information on each of these, you should view the Purdue OWL’s General Writing Resources page: Structure The introduction should include a clear thesis statement. It should also clearly identify the title of the article you’ve chosen and the author’s name. Each body paragraph should have a clear topic sentence that relates back to the thesis. The information in each paragraph should relate to the topic sentence. In the body paragraphs, you may want to focus on individual points made by the author.

Child Development Need This Done Tomorrow Saturday June 20, 2020 By 12pm PACIFIC TIME ZONE!

Respond to the comments of 3 students below. Each Response must be exactly 100 words.  NO WORK CITED PAGES Each response is to be specific to the original post of the individual to whom you are responding (in other words, you cannot post the same thing for each response). Each response should be a thoughtful reflection of the original post. In other words, simply saying “good idea” is not sufficient. Your replies should incorporate terminology and details from the readings and presentation. Tips: Be sure to… be supportive and affirming in your responses individualize each response make sure your replies are consistent with the course material (readings and presentation) TOPIC: Describe how science should be incorporated into the curriculum. Include 3 components of a science curriculum in your description. Select a topic/theme from either the physical, life, or earth and space chapters and plan an activity to go with the topic/theme. *********Refer back to the assignment called “Child Development Assignment due Thursday June 18, 2020 ”  Your replies must be consistent with the course material (readings and presentation)************ (LINK BELOW) https://www./questions/child-development-need-this-done-thursday-june-18-2020-by-12pm-pacific-time-zone Student #1 Comment: Response must be exactly 100 words.  NO WORK CITED PAGES!!! Children are naturally curious about whats around them, which can lead for alot of learning opportunities.  Science is a natural learning activity for children because they instinctively involved themselves in process of observation, experimentation, and discovery. When planning for science in your classroom it’s always a good idea to beging by asking  questions. In the power point presentation explains how questions can promote or lead to science discovery, for example asking questions like ” what if? engaging in open end questions will encourage children to make educational predictions. In order for scientific learning to hapoen n children must be introduced to science in the classroom.  Setting up the classroom with science materials can  help children to explore and discover. Teachers play an important role because they set the stage by setting up the classroom by providing them with  materials that will stimulate curiousity and investigation. Academic goes hand and hand, by children learning and using new terminology promote new vocabulary and understanding how to use these terms when talking about science. The are components that go with sciences are: environment, giving children the opportunity to engage in discussion and voice their opinion,prediction and teachers setting the stage by providing them with fun learning opportunities  Activity / Physical Science : Dancing Rice Experiment  Objective: Children will investigate and predict what will happen when having rice in a jar and pour water, baking soda,  and vinegar inside. The purpose if this activity to see the reaction if the rice when adding these different ingredients inside, will the rice sink? Or float?  Materials : vinegar, baking soda, rice, clear jar, water,food coloring  (optional ). Student #2 Comment: Response must be exactly 100 words.  NO WORK CITED PAGES!!! I would select the theme of the Earth Science. In this theme I would read start by reading the book of “the carrot seed” by Ruth Krauss. Then we would discus about what happened in the story and how the carrot it took a long time to grow. I would then continue with the first concept of asking the children “what do they think the seeds need in order to grow into a plant? Then after their answers I would try to give them hints if they haven’t mention all of them. Also talking to them the about the important of taking care of them. We all need to remember to water the seeds, also talking about how they need air, and light to help them grow. Then we will plant some seeds of carrots out in the garden. I would let them know we need to have helpers water our plants and would take turns to be the helper to water the seeds. I would encourage the children to observe the garden and see if they notice any changes and help them record their observations in a notepad. Once the seed start developing a stalk and leaves we will talk about how they look and this will be our second concept talking about the different textures and size and shape the different plants have. Also having different leaf shapes in our science area to compare them too. Once we pick some of the carrots that are ready to be harvest we will compare their sizes and see if they are the same size or different. We can also measure them with a measuring tape therefore they will get the experience in using a measuring tape and looking at the different numbers. Lastly we would move on to the third concept of talking about the different part of the plant that we eat. Carrots usually grow a long stalk and we only eat the carrots and not the stalk. Then we can have the children help wash them and peal them to eat them for our snack. These curriculum lesson will take us a while until we harvest our carrots. Student #3 Comment: Response must be exactly 100 words.  NO WORK CITED PAGES!!! Science is happening all around the preschool classroom every day, during the activities they do and while they run and play out on the playground. However, teachers are intentional in providing goals for the children to learn science. Science literacy and promoting wonder and understanding are two goals for students to experience. One component of the science curriculum is allowing children to ask questions and allowing them to explore what the answers could be. This is when they learn skills like classifying, hypothesizing, observing, predicting, sorting and interpreting data. Bringing their questions to a place where they can actively participate in finding an answer. For example, if a student asks why is applesauce mushy? We can do an experiment on how an apple becomes applesauce.  Another component of the science curriculum is having an affective environment. Students should be given time to experience science. Teachers should allow for flexible time when doing a science experiment and not be surprised if a mess is made. For example, when a child pours water or any other liquid, a teacher must keep in mind that a spill is a possibility. Therefore, allowing the child to be comfortable to take a risk on spilling and know that it is a safe place to do so. Of course, also the children must have the freedom to participate or not. A third component of the science curriculum is the teacher needs to make it an enthusiastic experience for the children. The teacher sets the stage and invites the children to take interest. The topic and material need to be developmentally appropriate and exciting. The teacher should support the children’s exploration. Allowing them to investigate, ask questions, actively engage in touching, smelling, holding, mixing and pouring materials, as well as taking data and recording.

In “The Lady with the Dog”, what hope does Gurov hold out for Anna

Question In “The Lady with the Dog”, what hope does Gurov hold out for Anna and himself as the story closed? How would you describe the tone of the last two lines?What impact does a setting have on a story?In “Volar”, what does the narrator admire about Supergirl? What do the super-heroine’s characteristics and abilities represent for the girl?In “The Birth-Mark”, what do you see as Aminadab’s role in the story?Define Irony. In “The Wall of Fire Rising”, when does the father discover the irony of the situation in relationship to his son’s studies?

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