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Beverly and Ken Hair have been married for 3 years.

Beverly and Ken Hair have been married for 3 years. Beverly works as an accountant at Cypress Corporation. Ken is a full-time student at Southwest Missouri State University (SMSU) and also works part-time during the summer at Cypress Corp. Ken’s birthdate is January 12, 1994 and Beverly’s birthdate is November 4, 1996. Beverly and Ken each received a W-2 form from Cypress Corporation (see separate tab). The Hairs have interest income of $956 on City of St. Louis bonds. Beverly and Ken also received a Form 1099-INT from Boatman’s Bank and a 1099-DIV form from Green Corporation (see separate tab). Ken is an excellent student at SMSU. He was given a $1,750 scholarship by the university to help pay educational expenses.

The scholarship funds were used by Ken for tuition and books. Last year, Beverly was laid off from her former job and was unemployed during January 2020. She was paid $1,847 of unemployment compensation until she started work with her current employer, Cypress Corporation. Ken has a 4-year-old son, Robert R. Hair, from a prior marriage that ended in divorce in 2015. During 2020, he paid his ex-wife $300 per month in child support. Robert is claimed as a dependent by Ken’s ex-wife. During 2020, Ken’s aunt died. The aunt, in her will, left Ken $15,000 in cash. Ken deposited this money in the Boatman’s Bank savings account. Beverly and Ken received a $2,400 EIP in 2020.



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