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Assume that you are the Manager Jordan Samson

Assume that you are the Manager Jordan Samson, of the Samson and Samson Construction company. You received an email from Cathy Fowler, Director of the Canadian United Way Foundation, for whom you are working on a renovation project for their downtown Toronto headquarters. Cathy has emailed you with a request to expedite the renovation project by two months, completing it at the beginning of June rather than the originally agreed-upon date of August 17th. You have high regard for the United way foundation and the many young people they serve and help. You also have an excellent relationship with Cathy Fowler and have supported many of the foundation’s large charitable events in the past. However, you cannot meet this request. You are too busy in the spring/summer season to move the completion date ahead by two months as you have other clients and commitments. Also, subcontractors have already been hired and contracted for specific dates. You do not have enough experienced staff, and you are required to follow municipal regulations regarding construction working hours (7:00 am to 6:00 pm) in the downtown core, which would prohibit you from asking your staff for overtime hours. Directions After reading the attached action request letter, write a tactful ‘Negative News’ letter replying to Cathy Fowler denying her request. You may use any of the information above to explain your denial or any other explanation that would seem reasonable in this situation. Include a suggestion or recommendation that would be suitable for the situation.

Reminders Write the letter in Email format as discussed in the learning. Write your response individually and take your time. Be sure your response follows an indirect format (opening, body, closing) using the negative news strategies learned including a new subject line. Include a cover page. (found in APA at Conestoga).


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