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Before starting any discussion on Finance firstly we must know that what the meaning of Finance is? Actually the word Finance was a French word. In the 18th century the word Finance was generally used as the management of money or resources, till then this word found its own meaning in this world. This word is not only used in management but also used as an academic discipline with the greater significance.

Finance is also defined as procurement of funds and correct allocation of available resources in efficient manner to maximize the profit. The term Finance is also replaced by the word exchange like exchange of the resources. The scope of Finance is not only bounded up to the management or exchange of money or goods but barter system is also a type Finance.

Finance is known as the root of the economic activities. Finance is also concerned with cash that means every business transaction involves with cash directly or indirectly.

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Popular finance assignment topics

Basics of Finance
Internal Rate of Return
Time Value of Money
Future Value
Present Value
Managerial Finance
Cash flow matching
Financial Accounting Standards Board
Cost of Capital
Trend Analysis
NPV Sensitivity Matrix
Portfolio Management
Foreign Exchange Market
Short Rate Model
Financial Statement Analysis
Corporate Finance
Locked-in value
International Finance
Financial modeling
Investment Analysis
Tools of Financial
Basics of Capital Budgeting
Capital asset pricing model
Cash flow
CAPM Model
Balance sheet
Asset types
Interest rate
Bond Valuation
Beta Calculation
Interest and Investment
Net Present Value
Risk analysis
Capital Budgeting
Stock & Bond Valuation

Economic Order Quantity
Accounting And Finance
Personal financial planning
Income statement
Real Estate
Marginal costing
Book keeping
Ratio analysis
Financial and overall performance Analysis
Financial statements Analysis
Funds flow statements
Budgeting & Budgetary Control
Cash flow statements
Working capital management
Dividend Policy
Capital structure
Cash Management
Inventory Management
Risk & Return
Fixed income analysis
Dividend Decisions
Stock Valuation
Yield to Maturity

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